The primary focus of our practice is to be able accurately diagnose, treat and minimize the detrimental physical effects and personal costs of any spinal ligament injuries, and the spinal instabilities that Car Accident can cause.
See the Car Accident Injury Care Doctors first after your Auto accident to determine the extent of your injuries. Getting checked out by our doctors after you have suffered a car wreck is the single most important thing you could do to preserve your personal injury case. A lawyer cannot prove injury without documentation from a physician who has knowledge and expertise in how to diagnose and document your injuries. If you never go see a specialist for your injuries, you may not have a personal injury case. It’s that simple.
“We have the best Car Accident doctors in Orlando. We are standing by to assist you with your injury following an car wreck. Our Doctors provides the best documentation. This will help you get the maximum settlement you deserve” Dr. David Nahali, Clinic Director.

You may be entitled to FREE medical care at no cost to you

 Florida has personal injury protection. Your Orlando Car Accident doctor can file all the necessary paperwork for you. You don’t have to worry about who is going to pay for the medical care, you can focus on getting better. Don’t wait, See us first.

You may have only 14 days to see a Orlando accident doctor after your accident to receive medical benefits. If you wait to see a doctor after you have been injured, you may lose your medical benefits

Can I go to any Medical Clinic to seek treatment for my  Car accident injuries?

Accident Injuries need documentation by someone who specializes in auto type injuries. M.D.’s or emergency room physicians may look you over and send you home without any PT. Pain killers and muscle relaxers work for a little while, but what will you do when they stop working. You need to see a doctor that specializes in auto accident injuries. Physical therapy started right away could reduce your recovery time.

See an Orlando Accident Doctor ASAP

With the new Florida PiP law, you have to see a doctor within 14 days of your auto accident. If you do not seek medical care within 14 days, you may have to pay for all your medical treatment. Delay or gap in care after you have been injured can compromise your own personal injury case. You need to see an Orlando Accident doctor immediately when you have been injured in an auto accident. A Doctor will document your injury so the lawyer can prove you have been injured. With no documentation you cannot prove your injury originated from your automobile or truck accident. Should you wait a long time the insurer will claim your injury originated anyplace but from the auto wreck?

Orlando Personal Injury Case

A Personal injury case starts with an injury. For instance, if you’re within a car crash but do not suffer any physical harm, you could sue the responsible insurance for automobile repairs, but you will not possess a personal injury case. Without a physical or emotional injury, it does not matter who had been at fault or how careless the other person was. If there is no injury there is no case. Every case is different since each injury is diverse. Injuries vary from bruises and neck sprains to amputations, paralysis, even death. Medical Cost could be enormous, even for a smaller case. Sometimes in accidents individuals are killed, in which case there might be no medical bills at all. Most personal injury cases have common characteristics: an injury; health-related therapy; health-related bills. Going to the doctor might be the single most important thing you could do. Make certain to see the accident doctor immediately after your Orlando auto wreck .

The ER doctor told me to take some scripts and take it easy for a few days

When you go to the ER after you have been injured in a car wreck, it is common for them to prescribe you muscle relaxers and pain killers, send you home, and then have you do a follow up with your primary care physician. ER’s are designed to get people out of an immediate health threat. They are not designed to diagnose and treat whiplash or any other car related injury. If you follow the ER’s advice you may be waiting weeks to get proper medical treatment for your injuries. You don’t need to wait if you have been injured, go immediately to an accident doctor after your car wreck. Speak with an Orlando Car Accident doctor today who can make you whole again after you have suffered an injury in a car wreck. .

Car Accident? We Can Help

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