Free Injury Award Training Video for the Personal Injury


In this Injury Award Training Presentation Created for Personal Injury Attorneys Our Medical Team Will Disclose:

The Top 4 Medical Reports and the Financial Drivers Necessary to Stop Low Ball Offers and Win Policy Limit Awards for Soft Tissue Spinal Injury Claims!

Free Injury Award Training Video Will Provide 4 Major Benefits:

Benefit 1: The 5 Financial Drivers of Colossus Injury Award Software!

Benefit 2: The 4 Pillars of Medical Documentation Necessary to Win Large Awards!

Benefit 3: How to Defend Against the Preexisting Injury and Low Impact Injury with Little Property Damage!

Benefit 4: The Financial Claim Worksheet that Converts Medical Documentation Into 4 Injury Award Categories to Support a Policy Limit Award! These are:

A. All medical diagnostics and treatment
B. Pain and suffering
C. Impairments
D. Need for future care

Courtesy of Mark Blane APC